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Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Simply Business - Builders Public Liability

Public Liability : £2,000,000

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Privacy Policy

In accordance with UK Data Protection Law, we uphold strict security procedures for the storage, use and disclosure of your personal information. We have described below the personal information we may gather about you, the purposes we will hold it for and the limited categories of people to whom we may disclose it in this document.

As such, we have provided this policy that makes our data management practices publicly available. Please review it so that you have an understanding of how we collect and use the data you provide. If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, feel free to contact us.

Please note that this policy compliments, but does not supersede, the separate Terms and Conditions which legally govern use of this website. If there is a circumstance in which the two documents conflict, Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over this policy. Corks Creak is a company headquartered in the UK. As such, the Terms and Conditions and this privacy policy are subject to the applicable laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Any claim or proceeding arising under or otherwise concerning the Terms and Conditions or this privacy policy shall be conducted in the United Kingdom.

Where this policy is applicable

This policy is applicable to any data collected on or by a Corks Creak employee for storage in Corks Creaks' internal database.

Understanding what we collect

Corks Creak collects the following information:

Explicitly provided to Corks Creak by you- this information is collected when you submit an equiry form. Information is stored in our internal database system, which is accessed by our sales, accounting, and information systems staff. It is used solely to conduct business, and it is always handled discretely and in a manner which safeguards your privacy.

Data sharing

As part of its business, Corks Creak works with property owners, partners in similar industries and other third parties. Any data collected on a third party site and then subsequently shared with Corks Creak under agreement with that company is subject to that company's own privacy policy, not to that of Corks Creak.

In order to conduct certain business transactions, Corks Creak may also have to share explicit information with third parties to fulfil sales. While we will not knowingly share your information with a party that will compromise your privacy, we cannot be held responsible for a third party's management of your data.

Contacting you

In conducting business transactions, Corks Creak will contact you by e-mail and/or telephone.

Data maintenance and security

Corks Creak considers your data's security when we upgrade our technology. Old computers are recycled and their hard drives are always removed before they leave our offices and kept in secure storage.

We perform regular backups of our database systems. While we can not guarantee 100% security from unauthorized access, we take every reasonable effort to ensure that the data on our systems and on our backups remain safeguarded.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments concerning this policy, or believe that your information was handled in manner which conflicts with this policy, please contact us immediately.

In line with HSE regulations we are covered by Public Liability Insurance for all work undertaken.
Your peace of mind is our aim in all we do. Why deal with a properly insured team? - click here

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